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2023 end of year roundup

This year has gone pretty well, especially compared to last year which was a bad one. Good things that happened to me include:

I don't do resolutions but as usual I'll express a vague intention to do more posts here in 2024.


This year I watched 122 films, of which:

Eligibility criteria: I've limited myself here to works that got a UK theatrical or streaming release in 2023.

My short of the year was Pedro Almodovar's Strange Way of Life.


Watched less TV than usual this, year, which might be a good thing.

I still need to finish The Curse, so I might add it to this list retrospectively once I'm finished.

Eligibility criteria: here I've only included programmes which had at least 1 new episode in 2023.


Eligibility criteria: albums or EPs listed as 2023 releases on Spotify or Bandcamp. I'm not including reissues, compilations, or rerecords, so Shifted Phases's The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J Rosinthrope doesn't qualify.


Eligibility criteria: the best books of any age which I read for the first time in 2023.



Earlier this year we went to the British Library's Digital Storytelling exhibition and as a result I've spent a lot of time this year playing more story-focused games. I've really enjoyed Inkle Studios's games in articular and I'm looking forward to playing their newest one, A Highland Song.



This year I: